Friday, August 07, 2020

Kite Aerial Photography


Kite Aerial Photography - KAP - is a technique for acquiring low altitude, near earth, aerial photographs. Along with Balloon Aerial Photography - BAP - and Pole Aerial Photography - PAP, it provides a low cost and low impact method for photographing a given location and/or structures. Unlike satellite imagery, which is limited to an orthographic point of view, KAP provides a wide range of mid to high angle perspectives for any terrestrial subject. xenexus has designed and developed specialized equipment that enable us to send a high resolution DSLR camera aloft via kite, balloon or pole. Our custom "KAP rig" not only allows us to remotely aim and trigger the camera, but also allows us to compose the photograph via video down-link.IMG_1167 xenexus has carried out KAP sessions for archaeological and documentary film projects. This photographic technique is also ideal for: Real Estate Site Survey Photgrametry of terrain and structures Event Coverage